Our Story

We are a woman-owned and family-operated business where we have built strong relationships in the hospitality field over many years!


Soul Story

The founder of Soul Amenities is a strong believer that you should love what you do and create the life you want to live. She has followed this path and her passion to become an entrepreneur in the spa and resort industry. Her vision of creating luxurious hotel amenities and custom turndown gifts that invite a spa atmosphere in suite has taken the hospitality industry by storm.

At Soul Amenities our enthusiasm for spa and wellness shines through in the development of private-label amenity collections and brands for hotels and spas. Having launched Soul Amenities in 2013, we provide the industry’s most prestigious properties around the world with signature formulations, fragrances and spa products. Our goal is to provide your guests with a spa experience in the privacy of their room.┬áToday, our vision for Soul Amenities has provided an opportunity to grow internationally, and in 2014 we expanded to a Caribbean division that will continue to meet the needs of our prestigious partners. Our vision continually allows us to seek new opportunities to address the ever-changing needs of our partners and provide the most substantial product catalog in the market.

Our industry background lies in over 20 years of operational resort management, skin and body care management for an international brand, and financial management in the hospitality arena.

Soul Compassion

Our compassion for others and strong faith has speared us to found Soap with SOUL, Serving Others United in Love, a division that provides soap and hygiene-related products to communities throughout the world. During family travel and mission trips, the founders noticed the need for proper hygiene to save the lives of children and prevent the spread of communicable diseases that kill over 1.8 million children under the age of five every year. This international need has been transformed into reality with a partnership between Soul Amenities and Soap with SOUL. A portion of all soap products purchased by properties goes to this cause as well as an annual donation from Soul Amenities — all┬ádedicated to champion this project and stop these deaths.