Our Hospitality Amenities and Collections

Creating Luxurious Hotel Amenities and Custom Turndown Gifts that Invite a Spa Atmosphere In-Suite

Soul Difference

Soul Amenities offers a very different concept than what is currently on the market for hotels supplies. What we have accomplished is a Spa brand in an amenity bottle! This will offer your guests the luxury feel they desire with a fragrance that will leave a lasting impression. We use high quality ingredients that includes Keratin in our Shampoo/Conditioner, which will make your hair smooth and manageable. We added Shea butter to our moisturizers to soften skin and hydrate. We offer paraban-free and organic ingredient options. All of our packaging is recyclable, and labels are UV printed to last in the shower and not chip or fade. The opulent coloring evokes a sense of richness in the product. The fragrant aroma will act like an aromatherapy experience in the shower and will volatilize quickly so as not to overpower the guest’s personal fragrance. We offer coordinated bulk products to accommodate the restrooms and spa locker areas as well as retail sizes for guest to purchase in the boutiques on property.


Soul Collections

Make your guests feel at home! Choose from our unique selection of high quality and luxury hotel amenities that best reflect your properties’ profile and brand. Soul Amenities provides the finest ingredients and exclusive package design, which create a product line specifically unique to you and your property. We specialize in small-quantity, private-label amenities. Let us design a product line to fit your needs, or choose from one of our current brands to add a custom feel and spa atmosphere to your guests’ stay.


This luxury hospitality amenities collection was designed with the Caribbean waters in mind. The opulent turquoise coloring evokes a richness to this amenity. The aromatic fragrance is a light grapefruit and citrus combination. The range has two different body lotions to choose from and a safety seal on products. This collection features amenities in a 1.7 oz. size.


The light blue and green hues are reflective of the waters up and down the coasts and are a perfect fit for all oceanfront hotel properties. The range offers an aromatic light ocean fragrance. This luxury hospitality collection features amenities in a 1 oz. size with a safety seal on all products.


The bright coloring in this collection will rejuvenate your guests in the morning! Citra offers a fresh citrus fragrance and natural ingredients for our eco-friendly guests. This luxury collection features hotel amenities in a 1 oz. size with a safety seal on all products.

Soul Standards of Excellence

Enjoy a luxurious amenity product while lowering your carbon footprint. At SOUL AMENITIES, we are committed to consistently meet the expectations of our customers as well as the government agencies that regulate our products and facilities. We achieve this goal by:

  • Building Quality, Safety & Productivity Into Everything That We Offer
  • Continuous Improvement & Risk Management
  • Holding Our Suppliers Accountable for Excellence
  • Instituting Continuous Improvement Feedback
  • Process Control Data
  • Implementing Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Requirements
  • Implementing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Implementing Effective Training Programs & Procedures
  • Holding Our Employees Accountable for Excellence
  • Ensuring Compliance Through Auditing & Tracking Systems
  • Ensuring Corrective & Preventive Actions
  • Exercising Focus on Product & Process Control Improvements


Soul Standards

Creating environmentally friendly products requires considerable responsibility, dedication, and passion. From our corporate offices to our manufacturing department, we are committed to reducing our dependency on natural resources and are working hard to uncover new ways that we can contribute to improving and sustaining a clean environment and a better world.

Symbiotic with our prestigious resorts and spas, we are constantly aware of our footprint on the environment and have made a commitment to using recycled materials and packaging. All SOUL AMENITIES manufacturing partners have rigorous quality control systems that are in compliance by meeting or exceeding international standards. Our partners’ certifications include:

  • ISO 9001—Quality Management and Manufacturing
  • ISO 14001—Environmental Management and Manufacturing
  • ISO 22716—Cosmetics Management
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified